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Snapchat Tutorial (for old people)

I’m still having fun with Snapchat. That is an actual snap that I sent to my daughter, who replied to ask how I did the writing. But she is a semi pro who has passed tips along to me, too. … Continue reading

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Technology (Oopsie)

Well, that didn’t take long. Snapchat is dangerous. And that’s what I get for posting that arrogant last blog. I sent a Snapchat to my daughter yesterday morning from a hotel bathroom. Doesn’t this sound shady already? I took an … Continue reading

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When Things Heat Up (and Expose the Monsters)

My husband doesn’t even know this happened yet, so why not share it on the World Wide Web? I caught my gas cook stove on fire last night. Here’s how it went down: It was too late to cook, but … Continue reading

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A Cold New Year’s Eve Spent in the Car (True Story)

Hi, friends.  The promised car/teenage son story is below. Background:  On New Year’s Eve, we helped my oldest son and his family pack a moving van for a cross-state move.  We got home late.  I powered off my phone to … Continue reading

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Missing the Cow Patty

This is a true story. While my son took a piano lesson one day recently, I was walking rather briskly for exercise here: This is the driveway that leads up to the piano teacher’s house.  It winds through their pasture … Continue reading

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Printerz ‘R Awesome

The printer is working!  The printer is working! It’s a long story, which I’ll spare you, but it included a small math mix up at the point of purchase, and a rather large week or so of technical difficulties with … Continue reading

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Computers are Scary

All right, class, here’s a math puzzle for you: A woman went to an office supply store.  The birds were singing and the flowers were in bloom.  The woman purchased: A super-duper, all-in-one wireless printer for $99.00. A handy-dandy, combination … Continue reading

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