Computers are Scary

All right, class, here’s a math puzzle for you:

A woman went to an office supply store.  The birds were singing and the flowers were in bloom.  The woman purchased:

  1. A super-duper, all-in-one wireless printer for $99.00.
  2. A handy-dandy, combination accessory kit for $39.00.
  3. A long-coveted label maker for $19.00.

The exceedingly charming salesman pointed out that, since the woman purchased items one and three together, an extra $10.00 would be deducted from the price of the printer at the register.  He pointed to a neon cardboard sign near the printer that verified his words.  The woman was happy.

Later, as the woman studied the receipt, the flowers melted like wax in the sun as her glad became sad.  Please study the receipt for yourself, and explain how an apparent $20.00 discount (as in double ten) became zero.

Show your work, and explain your answer.

Note:  If you are having trouble explaining the puzzle, don’t worry.  The store manager did, too.

Math tip of the Day:  Always check your receipt work.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.

1 Chronicles 3:19 a, NIV

so much shouting, so much laughter

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11 Responses to Computers are Scary

  1. Cody says:

    The printer, accessory kit, and label maker add up to be $159.97+tax makes it $173.17.

    Your $19.99 discount ($13.33 off for the printer and $6.66 off for the label maker) weren’t even applied to the total amount. Poor Stephanie!!

  2. Katie Jones says:

    I’ve gotta say that I *love* the Scriptural application at the end. Too funny. And, this is a good reminder. I often don’t check my receipts that closely. :/

  3. Well, Katie, I wouldn’t have either, but I was supposed to get $10 off and at first glance it looked like I got odd amounts, and more than I should have (almost $20), so I double-checked. Pretty sneaky to make it look like you’re getting the discounts over at the left, but the math takes ZERO off, bottom line.

  4. And Cody, I knew if anyone could figure this one out, it would be you!

  5. Katie Jones says:

    Thanks for the unintentionally excessive commenting.

  6. Katie Jones says:

    Thought I’d come and do the same! 😉

  7. booo! so did you end up getting your $10 back?

  8. Looks like you are enjoying blogging….thanks for stopping by mine. Blessings as the wedding day approaches,

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