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Embarrassing Moments 😐

This morning, I was scrolling through a messenger thread, looking for something particular, when I discovered I’d accidentally thumbs upped a random comment. That’s when I discovered I was in the wrong messenger thread. 😳 Oops. For the life of … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Wars, Part 3

My son just got ice cream.  I know this because: It’s just after lunch time. There is a fresh, empty ice cream carton in the trash. Since I’ve become an ice cream sleuth out of sheer amusement over the Ice … Continue reading

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Computers are Scary

All right, class, here’s a math puzzle for you: A woman went to an office supply store.  The birds were singing and the flowers were in bloom.  The woman purchased: A super-duper, all-in-one wireless printer for $99.00. A handy-dandy, combination … Continue reading

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The Broke Shopping List

Okay, to explain my previous post about broke shopping a little better, I’ll shift from a  how question to a why question.  To get specific, I’ll tackle this conundrum, as best as I can: Why in the world would I be thankful … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Wars, Part 2

Oops.  The gig is up, and I know it.  My hand stops in midair on its way to the ice cream carton in the freezer, as I hear what has to be my 12-year-old son stomping up behind me. Son: … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Wars

There are ice cream wars at my house.  The combatants are my husband and my son.  And apparently, all’s fair in love and ice cream.  Now, if the truth be known, they are both being selfish, but to them, that’s … Continue reading

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