When Things Heat Up (and Expose the Monsters)

My husband doesn’t even know this happened yet, so why not share it on the World Wide Web?

I caught my gas cook stove on fire last night. Here’s how it went down:

It was too late to cook, but I did it anyway, and not with the best attitude. I had a quick pork curry recipe that I knocked out in record time. It was bubbling and delicious on the back burner, waiting for the hubbs, who was on his way home from an out-of-state business trip. The teenager was in the next room playing Xbox.

While stirring, I slopped some pork curry gravy out onto the stove. Wanting to catch it before it dribbled down into the depths of a vintage stove that is almost impossible to clean, I grabbed some cleaner to spritz it quickly. But the cleaner was flammable.

Poof!  Rather large flames.

Not worried yet, I tossed some baking soda onto the fire, which did not extinguish the spreading flames, but did ruin the curry.

That’s when I said to the teenager, “Um…there’s a fire.”

“WHAT?” he screeched, jumping up and dropping his controller.

Quick as the Lone Ranger, he dashed into the kitchen, grabbed the fire extinguisher from under the kitchen sink, and doused the flames in billowing clouds of white smoke. He was back in the next room playing before his Destiny team knew what hit them.

Although thankful, I was left coughing, wheezing, and surveying a large mess. I had only begun to put it to rights when I heard the husband’s tires in the driveway. And that’s when I realized I was angry at myself for being so thoughtless.

Almost as quick as the Lone Ranger, I furiously opened windows, swept, wiped, washed, mopped, rearranged and got madder and madder at my husband and son. I made as much noise as I could during my temper tantrum. And after I stomped up the stairs to bed, they were left wondering what they’d done.

All I have left to show you this morning is this bit of residue from the fire extinguisher that I missed in my cleaning frenzy last night.


Did you know that the white smoke from a fire extinguisher settles into a yellow dust?

And did you know that it’s much easier to direct your anger at someone else that to admit it’s yours?

I’m busy owning that this morning.


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4 Responses to When Things Heat Up (and Expose the Monsters)

  1. Rene' says:

    First, let me make it clear that I am so glad you, Timothy and your kitchen made it through unscathed. Then, let me say that now that everyone is okay and everything is cleaned up, in the aftermath it is a little comical. 🙂 I love how God uses these everyday, sometimes comical, mishaps to teach us a sobering lesson. He is so sweet!

    Thank you for sharing. Love you, dear friend!

  2. Oh Steph! You have no idea how much I love this. I read it all with a huge grin. You see, just last week my sweet hubs asked me to clean the kitchen as I dropped him off at work. Please note that he said it in a nice way. Not in a rude or mean way. But I still got so mad at him. So I decided I would show him! In my anger I decided not only would I clean the kitchen, I’d do laundry too! What was I thinking? I sense a blog post coming on 😉 thanks for always being real. And I’m glad you are all safe! Love and hugs my friend.

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