Turning the Corner ☀️

Yesterday, I walked around a corner and there was golden light on the horizon. I have renewed hope. And I know I say it over and over, but I really do mean it: I’m so thankful. I have that word on my mantle all year long.

And I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: through a dark, awful past few months, and backwards through the years, God was there. He was real. He did his love thing. He did his faithfulness thing. He did his powerful thing. He shone his light. It’s Who He Is.

And He never left my side.

Oh, heavenly Father, how can I thank You? How can I praise You enough? I can’t. So, I humbly bow, and say it here. Thank You. Just thank You.

“And in that moment we’re face to face, I will not need these eyes of faith. Forever after, God, I will see that You’ve always been with me.”


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In the Middle of the Night 🌌

Last Tuesday, I spent a sleepless night, and I’m grateful. It turned out to be glorious, because sometimes, in the middle of the night, God gives me invaluable clarity. I think I’m starting to crawl out of those fires.

Once again, David Crowder came through. Thanks, Dave. And thanks, God. 🙌🏻


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Don’t Forget… 🙌🏻

Just now, I hung up from a phone conversation with a precious woman in my life. Her birthday, usually special, was dark and sad this September. I shared with her how precious to God she is. I told her how He sustained me in the secret place through the darkness recently, and is still doing that in an ongoing way. I shared this song with her, from the official source. I told her to play it on repeat as she thinks of her lost birthday.

If you are having trouble in this world, maybe you need to hear this today, also. So, I’m sharing here.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow you forever. For, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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Through the Fires 🔥

On July 1, I was blindsided by a rather quiet, life-altering event that almost no one saw. This event started a chain reaction that threatened to destroy me, and it cracked our family open to the core of who we were, or rather who we were not. I’ve been through the fires, but as a friend recently reminded me, in the Bible, in the book of Daniel, God himself walked with some people through the fiery furnace, and they came out all right.

And that’s the most amazing and wonderful part of this story–that through it all, God was there. Through the darkness and the fog, He illuminated my next step with His word. Through long, sleepless nights, through fear, through physical suffering, He was there in the secret place, ministering to me, encouraging me, sustaining me. He never left my side. And I’m undone by the goodness of that.

I’ve said before that the music of David Crowder ministers to me. And it ministered to me again today.

Thank You, God. ❤️



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Sometimes, David Crowder’s music ministers to me. The last time, it was a song called Ain’t No Grave. Today, it’s this one, on repeat.

To my Christian brothers, I have something to say: Thank God for some of you. To others, I say that if Christian men won’t stand up for and protect the women in their lives and within their sphere of influence, then those women might stand up for and protect themselves, with God’s help.

Maybe hashtag movements are market corrections.

And maybe we need a culture shift.



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Mine Are Days 🚶‍♀️

“…that God has numbered. I was made to walk with Him.”

Really been enjoying the below song by CityAlight lately, although it’s hard to beat “Only a Holy God.”

This scripture popped up today, so I’m sharing. ❤️

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord;
I say, “You are my God.”
15 My times are in Your hand;

(Psalm 31: 14-15a, NKJV)


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Thank God My Yesterday’s Gone 🙌🏻

If 2018 is Forward for me, and it is, then this song could be its anthem. I’ve been listening on repeat and worshipping like no one is watching. 😁

And I’ve been at the place of this next song, too. In fact, it could probably be an anthem for the year that everything changed.

You can’t be grateful until you know you need to be. And I’m grateful to the core.


(As always, thanks to the college kid for the excellent music suggestions of late. ❤️)

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