Snapchat Tutorial (for old people)

I’m still having fun with Snapchat.

That is an actual snap that I sent to my daughter, who replied to ask how I did the writing. But she is a semi pro who has passed tips along to me, too.

One day, beside my daughter’s name, Snapchat said that we were *best friends*. There is a baby’s face beside everyone else’s name. This made me smile.

And one day, next to my daughter’s name, there appeared fire. πŸ”₯


My daughter and I were discussing this and other phenomena via Snapchat when the teenager came home. Coming up the back steps, he saw me through the window, phone facing him.

“Oh, your’re Snapchatting,” said the teenager.  “Cool!”

(They don’t want to be spied on, but I suspect they spy on us.)

“And I see you’re on a hot streak with Lauren. Nice,” he added with a smile. And he nonchalantly walked up the stairs.

So that’s what the fire means. Smarty pants.

I immediately explained to my daughter, and I sent her a snap something like this:

I can’t post the actual snap, since I didn’t  save it. I now have at least that much sense. πŸ™„

Translation: once you send the snap, unless you save it, it goes bye-bye.

So, there you have it: my first Snapchat tutorial. All you noobs take notice. You now know some basics, plus what a hot streak is.


(Shaking my head. Do I have to drag you people into the 21st century?)

Now, don’t let me intimidate you with all of my technical  knowledge. I got most of it from Google and an 18 year old. And I made some embarrassing mistakes along the way.

Next time, maybe I’ll show you how to use Bitmoji.

Byeeeeeee. πŸ‘‹

Note: the teenager admits he only knows what a hot streak is by Googling. I mean, while we’re being real. 
Translation: We’re all in this together.

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