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Counting the Gifts in 2014 (Count with me?)

Okay, diving into 2014:  Here is the beginning of my 2014 1000 Gift List: These are just off-the-top-of-my-head entries. I will slowly list my family, a little each day.  Their names give me a great start, as there are over … Continue reading

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Do You Have Eyelids?

Recently, a friend directed me to Baby Adam’s Story, and I began following his adoptive parents’ blog.  Adam was born with severe deformities, and his biological parents abandoned him shortly after birth at the hospital where his adoptive parents worked. … Continue reading

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Deciding To

Hunched and scowling, chin-in-hand and toes tapping, I glared out the passenger-side window, as the cotton fields of Texas rolled by.  On this October morning, the cotton was long gone, and something else was planted, but what did I care?  … Continue reading

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Seeing Blind

I see, and some can’t.  For me, it really is that simple.  I’m simply thankful. A chapter in one of my favorite books is called “The Myth of Complexity”.  That title has a lot of meaning for me now. Here … Continue reading

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Missing the Cow Patty

This is a true story. While my son took a piano lesson one day recently, I was walking rather briskly for exercise here: This is the driveway that leads up to the piano teacher’s house.  It winds through their pasture … Continue reading

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When Silence is Busy

This past week we started our 21st year of homeschooling. It’s back to the books, the schedules, the alarm screaming too early in our ears, and better attention to our Motivated Moms list, thank goodness.  Once, there were five students … Continue reading

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On Monday After Paradise

I just got back from a little slice of paradise.  The funny thing is, even when I go to paradise-on-earth, I am there. The snapshots were enchanting:  Palm trees.  Flame trees laden with blazing orange blossoms.  Bananas growing in bunches … Continue reading

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