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Don’t Ask Me How I Am…

…because I might answer you honestly. There is a standard American greeting, at least in the south, that goes something like this: How are you? I’m well, thank you. How are you? I am well. I’ve pondered this greeting for … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Story

This is s story about me and my mom. It’s really only a tiny slice off the story, and it’s deeply personal. But I share it to steward it, to offer hope to other broken wrecks out there, and because … Continue reading

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Death in the Grave

Reading a friend’s blog today reminded me of this song. ♥ I loved Erin’s words. She’s experienced the death of several people close to her, as have I. It’s hard. But as she said so well, HOPE. Thank You, Jesus.

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Death at Christmas (Part 2)

Only days ago, some people close to me lost their wife and mother. In her life, this woman collected things that say joy. Her last word was “heaven”. The family has not even had time to host her funeral yet. Other close … Continue reading

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“…who, contrary to hope, in hope believed…” These words encourage me today.  I want them to encourage you.  They are from Romans 4, verse 18.  I found them in Day 25 of the devotional guide I’m using for 2013. The following … Continue reading

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You Win Some and You Lose Some, and in the End…

It’s all GOOD. We had a wedding this past weekend.  There were flowers. (Thank you, Casey.) There was exhaustion, too. There was quiet moment when the groom, newly-graduated with his music degree, played the bridal procession he had written especially … Continue reading

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“Sweet Jesus Christ, my sanity…Sweet Jesus Christ, my clarity…” The words on the screen drew me in, and enveloped me as I sang.  This was my song, and I knew it.  The song is “Mystery” by Charlie Hall, and the worship … Continue reading

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