Do You Have Eyelids?

Recently, a friend directed me to Baby Adam’s Story, and I began following his adoptive parents’ blog.  Adam was born with severe deformities, and his biological parents abandoned him shortly after birth at the hospital where his adoptive parents worked.  They can tell the story better than I, but they are Christians, and they were studying their adoption as children of God, and their bad condition before that adoption.  They say adopting Adam was merely a matter of obedience.

Adam’s first major surgery was to construct his eyelids, which he was born without.  The doctors predicted that Adam would not live 2 months.  Adam will be 2 years old soon.

A few weeks ago, my tall, healthy, handsome son began to feel sorry for himself and to voice that sorrow by complaining about parts of his life that day.  I answered him with 9 words:

“HUSH!  You lived past two and you have eyelids!”

Yay, me, and I mean this quite seriously.

On another note, busy life grabbed me by the seat of the pants (a happy problem), and I neglected blogging.  So, I stopped back in today to fill you in on Baby Adam’s lesson for us and two more short things:

  • Timothy and I went to DC/Philly/NYC in June.  A bucket list trip for me, and an educational one for him.
  • My mind is being blown by the study I’m currently doing:  Follow Me by David Platt.

Maybe I’ll be a more regular blogger in the future, but I’m not at all sure about that.  I would like to tell you about what I’m learning in the study.  It’s huge for me.  I make no promises.

But I do thank God today that I have eyelids.  And I also thank Him for Baby Adam, his life, his parents and their story.   It blessed me.

In parting, I share one shot of New York City from the trip.  It was my favorite day, even in the rain.


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2 Responses to Do You Have Eyelids?

  1. Carolyn says:

    Nice story, thanks for sharing it. Have a blessed day!

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