A Mother’s Day Story

This is s story about me and my mom.

It’s really only a tiny slice off the story, and it’s deeply personal. But I share it to steward it, to offer hope to other broken wrecks out there, and because the pain of the story is gone. Not the sadness, mind you, but the deep, gouging pain.

Here is what I did on the evening before Mother’s Day this year, in that glorious golden hour.

And that’s my story for today.

(I almost walked away without photos, but now, I’m thankful that I didn’t.)





Song lyrics here.

Dear Mom,

So many Mother’s Days come and go…and I get busy and don’t come by. But I always think of you. Life dealt you some cruel blows, Mom. I don’t blame you for anything. Sometimes sad things just happen in this broken world.

But Mom…I found Jesus…or He found me. And He filled up all my holes. And Mom, He healed me. I am whole. And much of it happened on walks right here, but much of it is still happening, and it’s just so beautiful. I’m hidden…and safe in His love.

No-one will ever replace you, Mom, even though your situation rendered you pretty much unable to mother, but Carol has really been God’s gift to me in so many strange and wonderful ways.

I just wanted you to know that I’m okay, and that I am taken care of…and that I am here on Mothers’ Day to honor you. To honor your memory.

I know that you are gone, Mom, and that you will not get this card, or these flowers, but somehow it feels right to be here writing it and leaving a rose on your tombstone. And somehow, I’m trusting God to get the message to you.

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