Progress in the Year Uncluttered

Never give in.  Never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. 

(Winston Churchill)

The above quote inspired me for many years, and it inspires me to not give up in the Year Uncluttered.

Progress report:

In spite of discouragement early in the year, thanks to God and Winston, I kept buggering on.  Recently, I loaded up two pickup truckloads from my storage room (the one with floor to ceiling stuff, the one that froze me up when I opened the door, the one that literally wouldn’t open one day because something had fallen against the door on the other side) and I sold them in a yard sale.

Before photo here.

I will explain further in my upcoming Power Sheets post, but I put the profits toward good goals that I set in January.

Here are some after photos of the storage room:


Look at all the room!


New pathways.



And check it out when I held the phone up.  Yay!

Next post:  How Power Sheets Changed my Life, and How I Hit the Skids



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Letting go…

“You’ve got to take your hands off your life if your life’s ever going to take wing.”  

That’s what Ann Voskamp says in this post that blessed me today.

So why am I holding on with clenched fists (my fingers clawing in)?

Hmmm.  Better find out, huh?  And better figure out how to let go.  Because God wants my life to take wing.  And so do I.



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Shamelessly, Head-Over-Heels in Love

God is waiting for a generation of people who will be shamelessly, head-over-heels and openly in love with Him.

(A Call to Growth, p. 23)

If I have learned anything in this month of love, it’s that.


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And He Loves Back

In my last post, I explained tried to explain how God (the 3-in-1) is my Valentine. Today, I’m trying to explain how He loves back.

It’s hard.


I recently met someone who was so hurt by a broken relationship that she is attempting to love herself. She has studied this and made a lifestyle of this and others listen to her. But to me, it seems that this is a circular, unfulfilling kind of love.

It’s like trying to make love to yourself. Some would say they have figured out how to do this and would even call it successful, but isn’t this missing something? It’s missing the someone else part.

In studying the type of prayer known as adoration this morning, I believe the book I was reading missed the someone else part, too. Because you see, the beauty of adoration is that God adores back.

Since I somehow figured this out, I cancelled the secret contracts I had over other people’s heads, and I no longer suck other people dry trying to fill my bottomless need for love. One translation:  My husband is no longer standing in line on Valentine’s Day to buy me something because he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t.

A bottomless need is only filled by a bottomless love, and only God can provide that kind of love.

Maybe if the person I mentioned earlier understood this, she wouldn’t have to try to love herself.

I stumbled onto this kind of love while learning to walk this daily walk, but it did require seeking and going and showing up to receive it.  I learned to see these times as our secret dates. Just me and the Lover of my soul.

So, dear friends, I will again harp on the thing that matters….the answer/the key to everything. It’s HIM. God the Father/Son/Spirit.

He loves back. And every day is Valentine’s Day with Him, because the love doesn’t end. It’s bottomless.

Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s still Valentine’s Day weekend. You may have taken care of your other Valentines, but have you had your date with God yet?

Don’t miss it.

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He is My Valentine


Okay, goal setting next post (maybe), but the power and beauty of the above verse struck me today.

Worshiping in spirit. Worshiping in truth.

Something occurred to me this morning in my quiet moments with Jesus. The key to this verse, for me, lies in the answer to two questions:

  • Is my spirit connected (heart-to-heart) to His?
  • Do I face the truth?

When the answers to both of those questions is yes, my relationship with Jesus is deep/intimate/completely fulfilling.


I have to work at this. It goes against my human nature.

February is the month of Valentines. This month, I work to connect my heart to those I love here. But what about the Lover of my soul?

With Him, every day is Valentine’s Day.

And I don’t want to miss any of our dates.

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Cluttering Up: Part 2 (When it Doesn’t Make Sense)

In part 1 of this post, I uploaded photos showing how (unbelievably), I actually cluttered UP in the Year Uncluttered.  This makes no sense.  Unless…

Reading through John recently, I noticed that Jesus spoke some words to the Pharisees that made no sense to them.  If I’d been standing there in that crowd, in that time, those words might have made no sense to me, either, and I might have sided with those Pharisees.

And yet, those words Jesus spoke were unalterable, rock-solid, ground-shaking, change-the-course-of-history truth.

I prayed right then and there that God would not let me toss something that might be truth simply because it doesn’t make sense to me.

So, does it make sense to clutter up in the Year Uncluttered?  Maybe.  Especially if it involves organizing so that I can begin to unclutter.


The above photo represents one small step.  In January, I sold two items (the above being one) that were cluttering things up.  They took up quite a bit of space, actually.  In January, I also:

  • Started scripture memory with my friend Ray
  • Started a new budgeting program
  • Began reciting Romans verses with my friend Amanda
  • Had a Google hangout with some friends who are walking with Jesus together
  • Hired some help
  • Began using the Motivated Mom’s app
  • Made progress with paperwork
  • Kept up with my Power Sheets
  • Cooked a little more regularly
  • Counted 909 things that I’m grateful for
  • Made myself relax a bit on weekends
  • Planned an awesome February

So, even though I have tearful days, days where I fail, and days where I see no progress, I also practice remembering things (however small) that I did accomplish.  I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s never give up.

Next post: How about we dig into goal setting for 2014?  It’s never too late.

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People-Pleasing Parent

True confession time: I recently realized that people pleasing is not only something that I passed on to my poor children…it is something that actually plays into my parenting.

I fear displeasing even them.

This problem is clutter. I am submitting it to God. The process is brutally hard, and it terrifies me, but I will do it anyway. Here goes…

Lord, I submit my people-pleasing parenting to you. It is wrong. Please forgive me. Please unclutter me. Please strengthen me.


This feels like bungee jumping without the cord.


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