Wrecked πŸ’₯

This book, I found accidentally, but what a treasure. I love people and their stories, and Jackie Hill Perry’s is beautiful, on several levels.

The College Guy told me to check out Hill Perry’s hip hop, which I did. This caused me to Google her, which caused me to find her book. I’m glad.

Chapter eight of Gay Girl, Good God, beginning on page 67, is wrecking me in a good way, as my neighbor Nancy says. It helps refine my understanding of what I call My Miracle. Parts of chapter twelve wrecked me all over again last night. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Nancy is one of several, strange connections that led me to visit UPPERROOM in Dallas for church on June 30. That day’s speaker also wrecked me in a good way. The message was called the Emerging Church. I was there, and most of it, but not the entire message made it to their podcast. This talk also helped me process things in a way that made sense for the first time.

And this song, lately. The worship team at another church I visited sang it. Sometimes, I play it on repeat.

“You wear the scars for all my mistakes, and that part just wrecks me.”

So there you have it, my update for today.

I’m in, Jesus. I’m Yours. You are faithful and you are gracious, and I’m just grateful.

Keep wrecking me.


About stephanieswalk

Changing the world for the better by changing myself. Thank you, Jesus. ❀️
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2 Responses to Wrecked πŸ’₯

  1. Alicia says:

    Just pulled up the book…looks like one I need to grab a copy of soon.
    Love you and your heart, Stephanie. Every little bit of you..beautiful, raw, and real.

    God has a way of “wrecking us” in the most beautiful ways. In the breaking, He can rebuild something only He could ever have seen.
    May we never stop being completely “wrecked” in awe of Him.

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