Bare Bones: Three πŸ¦΄

My bare bones theology now includes that God exists as three people. I know them, and I can’t deny someone I’ve met.

There’s a father. There’s a son. And there’s a Holy Spirit. They’re all one God. Don’t ask me to explain that any further, because I can’t. But I live in here, so I should know.

I trusted Jesus Christ on faith. And then, He moved in, as the Holy Spirit, and showed me in one thousand secret ways how real He is. And those three God people started to come together for me in a cemetery, walking among the tombstones, where I rose out of ashes, alive and free. How much sense does that make? To me, not one bit.

But there you have it.

About stephanieswalk

Changing the world for the better by changing myself. Thank you, Jesus. ❀️
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