Bare Bones šŸ¦“

Thankfully, the clock moved forward last night and I got up today with simple thoughts in mind. I had some good conversations yesterday, from diverse standpoints. All of them enriched my life, so I’m grateful.

A friend once told me that at her lowest point, she realized she was alive in this world, and she had to live. I agree.

The world around me is tangible, and it has problems. The concrete situations I find myself in each day need to be dealt with. With God’s help, I’m up to the challenge.

People are helpful in life, too. One conversation yesterday was with a smart, delightful woman whom I’ve known for decades. We traveled life miles together, and I’m glad. If I have my way, she will help handle my affairs when I’m gone. She knows her stuff, and her training qualifies her.

This friend warned me about some praise music I’ve enjoyed. I respect her opinion, so I certainly listened. Another person whom I admire also gave me the same advice about the same music once. I respect him, also, and so I listened. I’m still pondering.

This leads me to theology, a touchy subject. I’ve heard thoughts from diverse standpoints in this area, also. Conversation about this topic tends to get circular or contentious, so I prefer not to participate. But I’m open to opinions and listening, to a point.

This might be a good time, especially today, to post my position on theology. Here’s what I believe:

God is.

I’m listening to Carbon Ribs by John Mark McMillan right now. I like this song, because it talks about his struggle while living in the confines of this world. McMillan’s deep voice is unique. I think his lyrics are poetic, and they appeal to me. I like the acoustic arrangement, and the harmonica. The artist identifies himself as a Christian. Although he launched his musical career via a Kickstarter program and an independent label, I do believe he now has a by-extension connection that may put him in the category of music my loved ones warned me about.

You do you, as I do me. I wish you a good day, fellow travelers. šŸ™‡ā€ā™€ļø

About stephanieswalk

Changing the world for the better by changing myself. Thank you, Jesus. ā¤ļø
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