New Year’s Day 💝

I’m a Christian, and I spent some quiet time with the Holy Spirit early this morning, before anyone else was awake. This is my favorite thing in life–actually, it is my lifeline, but I neglect it in the busy mess. I find that I have to discipline myself, so I built a listening time, followed by a honest me time, into my quiet time method. I have to practice listening, shutting out everything else, and being real with Him about what is on my heart. The rewards far outweigh the effort, because this time can become intimate, and meet my deepest needs.

There is so much more, but I wanted to quickly leave you with the latest song that I’ve had on repeat at times in 2017, because this song’s artist is one of the things going in the box for 2018. I’ll be purging her from my playlist, except maybe when on a long drive and needing to stay awake, but more (hopefully) on that, later.

When I met my husband, I was only 15, but the first words out of my mouth when I first saw him were, “I would marry that man.” And even as I uttered those words to a friend (who claimed she saw him first) I wondered why I said them. But they came true.

There have been four decades of life in between that moment and now. That’s a lot of life…good, bad, beautiful and ugly. Those decades were filled with countless ordinary moments.

A reviewer for this song said it was about finding love in the ordinary things of life. But it spoke to me on a deeper level, about sticking it out through thick and thin. And that’s been the story of our marriage.

When we started out, the odds weren’t good for us. In addition to being young, I was also an emotional train wreck. And worse yet, I was not walking with God. But I quickly turned to God in the rough moments of marriage, tearfully reciting a laundry list of issues about my husband, until one day, I heard a still, small voice seem to say, in my mind, “Don’t come back to Me in prayer until you’re willing to pray for Me to change this marriage starting with you.”

Ouch. I didn’t think God understood my dilemma, but of course, He did, and perfectly.

In time, I was willing to pray that prayer, and in time, we made it.

And as the song says, I wanted my husband’s midnights, but the true love was found in those countless moments of cleaning up on New Year’s Day.

Not bottles, but life.

And finally, on repeat today, my favorite rendition of a classic melody for New Year’s Eve:

From me to you, happy new year, and may God bless you abundantly in 2018.


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Changing the world for the better by changing myself. Thank you, Jesus. ❤️
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