So Much…

Since an internal change 17 years ago, my call is to focus on my end of things in human conflict. This is incredibly difficult, but it’s my only hope and responsibility.  In this process, I am forced to face real truth. And sometimes truth about yourself hurts.

But if I don’t face real truth, the problem just gets worse. Eventually, it creates hatred, un-forgiveness and bitterness. These things can cause sickness, either of my body or of my mind, or both. And the worst part is that if I remain in this state, I also cause pain and damage to those around me. So for everyone’s benefit, and for God’s glory, I can’t let a spiritual disaster of this nature continue.

Today, as always, I realize I have so much to work on that it’s overwhelming. But submitting to the work yields results like love, joy, and peace. Why would I resist good things like these? Because I don’t like pain, and the work is hard. I don’t want to look in the mirror.

It’s painful to even type these words, but I type them to stretch myself and hold myself accountable.

Today, I’m thankful for this process, so I’d better stop typing and get busy. I have a lot of work to do.



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