Out of Order

Lesson two in the Year of Order is that sometimes, a key to success is doing things out of.

(Order, that is.)

In the Year of Priorities (2016), I discovered that spending time with God is my  One Thing. To help me focus, and be well-rounded during that time, I came up with acronyms to help me. One of those acronyms is “By Power The Lord Helps Me.” I follow that acronym during my prayer time. For example, “B” stands for “Bow the knee.”

Last year, I followed that acronym to the letter, or else. And sometimes, I bogged down and didn’t finish. Doing the Christmas season, I particularly struggled.

This year, thanks to some inspiration from Brother Lawrence and the Holy Spirit, I stumbled upon the practice of following my acronym while I’m doing household tasks, and out of order, if necessary. I am lighter and freer, and I finish better each day.

But not only that, and this the strangest thing: When I focus while doing otherwise menial tasks, and mix it all up, it works more seamlessly and almost simultaneously. And it is deeper, it seems. It’s like I’m integrating Him into life. Again, I’m struggling to explain…

Which brings me to scripture memory for 2017. This year, I’m again following a plan by Beth Moore. I make a small booklet and learn two scriptures a month. It’s that simple.

Last year, I leaned heavily toward two, back-to-back scriptures each month. And so far this year, in the Year of Order, I’m doing them all over the place.

I’ve said it before, but I love it when God surprises me like that.

Here are my two scriptures for January:


1 Corinthians 14:40


And second:

1 Corinthians 14:33


Yep. They’re all backwards and out of order…




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