Why I Play Pokemon Go

I am not a millennial, to say the least, nor am I in the other age group that loves Pokemon Go (children). My 57th birthday is this October, and I’ve never really gamed before, so if you’re wondering why I play the new game that’s taking over the world, this post is for you.


It all started innocently. My 18-year-old son likes to keep me abreast of what’s going on. I’m grateful.

Here is how the original Pokemon Go convo went down:

Son:  Have you heard of Pokemon Go?

Me:  Nope.

Son: Nintendo’s stock is already up 10%, and it’s only been out a week. It’s done more in that week for youth fitness than Michelle Obama’s fitness initiative did in two presidential terms. You should play.

Me:  Why would I do that?

Son: Because it’s fun, Mom.

Now, when he said the word “fun,” he was speaking my love language, and I was already downloading Pokemon Go.

That was then. This is now: I’m at level 14 and I just evolved an Eevee into a level 922 Vaporeon, which caused me to squeal, which my friends didn’t understand at all. I took over two gyms this morning after my jog, all by myself.

I also got to have the following amazing conversation with my grandson:

Grandson: Mimi! I just reached level 5 and I caught a Scyther right at my front door!

Me: Are you SERIOUS?

Grandson:  Yes!  Mimi…can we come over later and play Pokemon Go with you? I joined Team Mystic so we can fight at the same gyms.

Be still, my heart.

Since then, my 18-year old and I have been out after dark walking around local parks together, catching every Pokemon we could find, along with half of the population in our little town. We actually met people and had conversations. My thirty-something daughter and I hit the local walking trails in her town in the beautiful evening light yesterday, her babies in a stroller in front, stopping now and then to join forces in battle at an opposing team’s gym. And I’ve logged an average of well over 10,000 steps per day on my Fitbit since this thing began, going Pokemon hunting when I might possibly have been parked in front of the TV.

Generally speaking, I like to stretch myself by learning new things and getting outside of my comfort zone. I think that’s important as I get older. If I’m ever going to be part of change in this world, I can’t be afraid of it. Also, I like to understand what my children and grandchildren are interested in, so I can better relate to them. My goal is to be a positive prophetic voice in their lives, and I can’t do that if I don’t know much about them.

So there you have it–some reasons why I play Pokemon Go. And to quote a certain tallish 18-year old, “You should play.”









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6 Responses to Why I Play Pokemon Go

  1. Reblogged this on The Dicey Review and commented:
    Such a great perspective on parents and their kids interests.

  2. riri says:

    how lucky they are (your sons and your grandchilds) they have a mom and grandma who is really amazing like u Miss 😱. actually I’ve been twice for accompanying my friends to find pokemon 😁

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