Due to technology, I am blogging while riding in a car near the outskirts of Dallas.

Thank you, technology. I like that.

I am 56 years old. I’ve heard other people’s opinions about technology, and I’ve had a few myself. But as I change, my opinions change. It’s a good thing…a growing thing.

It’s like other growing things in my life. Good things. Things that stretch me and teach me. Make me better. But if I listed some of those things, you might not think they were good at all. 😄

But they are, and that’s the real point of this blog.

As for technology, since I know all things work together for my good (that’s in the Bible somewhere), and that sometimes, those things don’t feel good to my human nature, here is my policy regarding technology, and other things that might feel outside of my box:

  • I don’t like change, but sometimes, (erm) often, I need it. 
  • I should handle all things as unto God, and not to men. (That’s in the Bible somewhere, too.)
  • The evil is not in the thing. (Credit here to an excellent, classic read for Christian parents of teens: Age of Opportunity, by Paul David Tripp)
  • I use technology, and I make myself do the hard work of learning how without asking someone else for help. (Secret tip: Google 🤐)

All that said, I’ve been having fun on this drive playing around with Snapchat. My kids, family and other BFFs are my Snapchat friends. We keep it squeaky clean. I just posted my first real Snapchat story. I did it without any help.

And I have a feeling of accomplishment. 

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