Kneeling Anywhere (to Face the Monsters)

My knees have been busy.


Our church is doing a 40 Day Prayer Challenge using this book:

40 Days Book

In his book, Mark tells how their church did a corporate prayer challenge that resulted in hitting their knees every morning at 7:14 a.m. Eventually, they learned to kneel anywhere.

Pride has been a battle for me all of my life. I decided to apply the “kneel anywhere” concept to that monster. Anytime I feel a prideful or self-elevating thought enter my mind, I kneel right then, right there and give it to God. I take that thought captive to the obedience of Jesus. I own it, make no excuses, and ask forgiveness.

Thankfully, I am home based, so this kneeling happens most often at home. 🙂

Jesus died to free me from my monsters. He defeated them on the cross. But as long as I live in this body of sin and death, I will have a battle–a civil war* between my flesh and my spirit. It is not until I see Him in Heaven that I will be totally free.

After years of trying, I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t control my pride monster. But I’ve also learned how important it is to withhold its food. If I feed that thing one morsel, it’s a slobber-slinging dragon in seconds, ugly and damaging. So, I do my best to keep it lean, hungry and weak. That’s why I kneel.

And in submitting to the King of All Power, I am covered and protected. He fights for me, and the outcome is already decided.

It’s a win. 



*Dr. Tony Evans, Life in the Spirit audio series

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2 Responses to Kneeling Anywhere (to Face the Monsters)

  1. Erin says:

    I love the concept of withholding his food. That’s good.

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