Okay, I am getting just a little freaked out.

40 Days Book


Our church started this book today.  I was hesitant to join the challenge, but I signed up.  It really fit with my year focus to pray and seek God as a first thing for the new year.

I read the introduction yesterday, and saw coincidences, but today…

(Oh, my goodness.)

Today was Day 1 of the 40 Day Prayer Challenge.  And I wonder…

Did Mark Batterson read my spiritual journals?  In the past few WEEKS? I literally flipped backwards in the book looking for the copyright date. Did he know what my year focus was?  The things in this book that lined up with my spiritual markers were numerous and word-for-word freaky.

I walked away from the book for a moment because my heart was racing and I was a bit breathless.  And I was looking over my shoulder to make sure I was alone in the room.

Of course, I’m not alone in the room, because Jesus, as the Holy Spirit, is with me.  And what did I think?  That He couldn’t guide Mark Batterson’s pen?




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