One Tiny Basketball Lesson

My son plays basketball.

Basketballl (1)

As a parent, I want him to do well. And I have opinions as to how that should happen. 😀

In the past, I prayed specific, self-serving prayers about my children’s sports involvement and other activities. I stopped praying those, because when I did, the very opposite happened. Did I think I could manipulate God?  I think those reversed answers may have been a slap on the wrist that I deserved.

Recently, I read in James that I have not because I ask not, and that I ask and do not receive, because I ask amiss, for selfish reasons. And I realized that I don’t ask much at all these days, because I don’t pray enough.

My son’s team played in a Christmas tournament this week, against some strong opponents. We are new to the team, so I don’t know many people. This gives me quiet times in massive gyms, and I realized I could pray. And I remembered a scripture that says that we need no other teacher but the Holy Spirit. So, I asked Him to teach my son, right then, on the court, whatever he needed to know about basketball. And I let it go at that.

What a concept!  It was freeing.

Looking back, I remember years in sports when I did not access the true Answer. It breaks my heart to think of the wasted time.

But God is so good, and He warps me in his arms and he gives me second chances. I got one of those this week. And I rejoiced.

My son played some of the best minutes he has played in awhile. And all I can say is thank You, God.


(Prayer is an area where I need to grow. Our church is starting off 2016 with a 40 Days of Prayer series. I’m looking forward to it.)

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2 Responses to One Tiny Basketball Lesson

  1. Rene' says:

    Steph, I learned a very similar lesson in very different circumstances. It was so simple, but so enlightening. I began to ask God what He would have me pray for my children rather than pray what I thought they needed. My thoughts weren’t bad or wrong. In fact, they were biblically based. But. what I think they need and what God knows they need may be two different things. It has been very freeing.

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