A past version of me offered advice to others whether they asked for it or not. They rarely asked, and I offered a lot of advice.  (Picture a verbal steamroller.)


Beyond that, I expected people to conform to my advice, and even to my opinions.  If they did not, I used the above word pattern and debate tactics to try and convince them.

Then,  I came across a few wise people whose policy is to not offer advice unless it is requested.  I watched these people with fascination and respect.  I’ve decided their policy is a good one.

It was interesting to examine the reasons for my overwhelming advice-giving.  What I found was not pretty.  But I believe that’s a good thing, because the most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced is looking at myself with brutal honesty.  It helped me to change the world starting with myself.

I slip back into my old, bad habits in a heartbeat, so I have to be vigilant.  Thankfully, I personally know the Light of the World, who helps me see my dark corners, and sweeps the dirt away. I meet with Him regularly, one on one.

Actually, I cling to Him as though my life depended on it, because it does. 

And if you’ve encountered me on one of those days when I wasn’t vigilant, please accept my humble apologies.  (Poor you.)

(This post was inspired by J. T. Alewine, who recently passed away, and by my husband.)

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One Response to Advice?

  1. Rene' says:

    How sweet of you. 💗

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