The Hard Work of Living

Life is hard. So why do I live like it’s an endless carnival, where I should have every cotton candy moment that I want?

God is parenting me through this classic book:


I read it in the late 90s, and thankfully, I’m re-reading it now. I’m actually terrified as I read, because this book is calling me to do the hard work of living. I have the easy part down.

Today, this statement about teens struck me:

There is always a higher agenda than personal happiness, there is a bigger, more significant story than their story of the moment. And in every situation, they are called to trust and obey God.

Their? They? This passage speaks to me.

The above statement may seem basic and obvious, but in many ways it was news to me today. At least I’ve been living that way, if not on the outside, then certainly in my heart.


Thank you, God, for being my literal Heavenly Father in this. I am afraid. But like a child, I put my hand in Yours, so that You can help me walk more steadily through the hard parts of life.

And P.S. I love You.

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2 Responses to The Hard Work of Living

  1. Rene' says:

    Haha! This is one of those books I don’t like very much. The audacity of the author to insinuate that parents (Uh, that would be me!) need to confront a few things before they can properly parent their teens.

    Seriously, I totally agree with you. This book spoke to me as much or more as it spoke about my teen. Thought provoking and convicting!

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