I guess it’s time to explain my participation in 7.  The post below was almost ready to go in early June.  All it lacked was the photo. You get to read it in early August.  (I’m sorry.)

Here you go:


I received this book for Mother’s Day, in the Year Uncluttered:


(Shout out to Matt & Casey)

  • The subtitle:  An experimental mutiny against excess
  • The premise: 7 areas, 7 things, 7 months
  • The acknowledgement:  “For Jesus, who tread so lightly in this world that He didn’t have a place to lay his head.”

I teared up reading the acknowledgement statement, and while reading the introduction, I got that feeling of dread…the one that hits me when I know I am probably being called to do something that I SO don’t want to do.

My daughter-in-law had the book on her Kindle and jumped at the chance to join me for Chapter 1:  Food.  We started on June 1.  On June 3, she called me and said, “I hate you.” (My translation.)

I completely understand. 

Here are the 7 foods we are eating in June:

  1. chicken
  2. eggs
  3. wheat bread
  4. apples
  5. spinach
  6. sweet potatoes
  7. avocados

I’ll keep you posted.


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