Lessons From a TV Fast

When I fasted from sugar in 2011, the battle was with my body and my mind. When I fasted from TV recently, the battle was with my spirit.

Both fasts were done in response to a challenge. Both were supposed to be temporary. Both surprised me, and taught me lessons about myself (the best kind).

Here are some lessons I learned from my 21-day TV fast, which ended last night:

  • I am a TV addict
  • I didn’t think I was a TV addict
  • I need to make some changes

Those are simple lessons, and I am leaving out a lot.  I am still pondering and processing everything.

This fast was hard, and that was one of the things that surprised me.  But I am grateful for it.  Sometimes the fact that it was hard is part of what makes it good.



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6 Responses to Lessons From a TV Fast

  1. Shortly after O was born we “got rid of TV”. Cold turkey. We still have a television in our house, but we got rid of satellite (no cable, not even rabbit ears.) We saw that we were spending WAY too much time in front of the tv. If we weren’t watching it “live” then we had a full DVR of options to choose from. Doing away with it was the best decision we ever made. We went through withdrawals – like with any addiction. It was hard. But it was so worth it. Just this past year (4 years since we cut out tv) we subscribed to Netflix, but after our 4 year detox, we have found that we don’t miss “our shows” as much as we thought we did. It is fun to watch a show or two to wind down after the kids are in bed, but we find out selves asking “How did we get anything accomplished before?”

    • Interestingly enough, Amanda, we have no satellite or cable services either. The budget doesn’t allow it. I got addicted to watching shows on Netdlix! Can you believe it? We have both live stream and DVD in our subscription. Started with wonderful Monk, (all 8 seasons) then Psych (all 8 seasons), them Dr. Who (6 seasons so far, + specials). Gah! We so have a digital antenna and we get the free channels (which aren’t good. But It started quite innocently, with just one episode each day, at lunch break.

    • And so true! How DID I get anything done before!

    • P.S. Yayyyyyy! Good, good, good for you! Go, Cody & Amanda! 👍👊👌

  2. It’s bothered me, the amount of time we spend with Netflix. Not so much Cody and I. We get obsessed for a while, but then we take breaks. I’ve gotten to where I don’t really enjoy watching shows that much, so we don’t watch things every day (although we do get a little crazy when we start a new show, but then the new wears off and we back away for a while). I worry about how much I let the kids watch. Now that the weather is nicer, it is easy to go out side and play, but still… Sigh. Also need to deal with my internet addiction – gah!

    • Oh, girl, I totally understand in general, although (I’m afraid to even say this), I do pretty well with the Internet. But I so understand the struggle! So. Hard. Just keep on doing your best, and never give in. Love & appreciate you.

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