How #PowerSheets Changed My Life


Most people have run up the white flag on their 2014 goals. Or maybe they just quit quietly, by attrition*. I’m here today to encourage and challenge you:

Hang in there with me?  Recommit?  Or better yet, start now?  

It’s never too late, as long as you’re sucking wind, as Dave Ramsey would say.

I mentioned in the last post how I love the story of Winston Churchill and his “never give in” quote.  It inspires me in everything, even in sticking with my goals.  And that leads me to the story of how Power Sheets changed my life.

Lara Casey created Power Sheets for her own use.  And now, she markets them to us.  (Yay!)  I began by following her on Instagram, and the rest is history.  I got my 2014 Power Sheets in December of 2013, and I did all the recommended prep work.

Lara says Power Sheets are not traditional goal setting (and they aren’t) but they do help me attach everything to what matters, and that made all the difference in the world.  They helped me set 5 core goals:

  1. Marriage
  2. What matters
  3. Others
  4. Delegate
  5. Good Steward

Note:  These are not the goals I thought I would set when I began the prep work.  

I will share more about the prep work and the goals in future posts.

Here is the point to this post:  Power Sheets changed my life.  I was stuck.  They helped un-stick me.  I am now moving forward and making real progress towards the things that matter, one, little step at a time.

Now, for the skids part:  I did well through January and February, and then (BAM) in March I did not stick to my Power Sheets much at all.  They were in a drawer and they stayed there. But I just kept going, did the best I could, and did not give in to stress.  (My quiet times with God always help me in that area.)

For the first half of April, the story was much the same.  But in the second week, I dug out my Power Sheets.  I drew lines through the first two weeks in April.  And I started again.

You can, too.  You can start right where you are, and with God’s help, you can make positive change in your life, however small.  One of Lara’s sayings is, “Done is better than perfect.” Absolutely!

So I hope you’ll join me in dusting off your goals and starting again.  We can do this thing, I promise.


*If I looked it up for clarification, you get the definition, too. I love learning, so I’ll just drag you along.  🙂

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