And He Loves Back

In my last post, I explained tried to explain how God (the 3-in-1) is my Valentine. Today, I’m trying to explain how He loves back.

It’s hard.


I recently met someone who was so hurt by a broken relationship that she is attempting to love herself. She has studied this and made a lifestyle of this and others listen to her. But to me, it seems that this is a circular, unfulfilling kind of love.

It’s like trying to make love to yourself. Some would say they have figured out how to do this and would even call it successful, but isn’t this missing something? It’s missing the someone else part.

In studying the type of prayer known as adoration this morning, I believe the book I was reading missed the someone else part, too. Because you see, the beauty of adoration is that God adores back.

Since I somehow figured this out, I cancelled the secret contracts I had over other people’s heads, and I no longer suck other people dry trying to fill my bottomless need for love. One translation:  My husband is no longer standing in line on Valentine’s Day to buy me something because he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t.

A bottomless need is only filled by a bottomless love, and only God can provide that kind of love.

Maybe if the person I mentioned earlier understood this, she wouldn’t have to try to love herself.

I stumbled onto this kind of love while learning to walk this daily walk, but it did require seeking and going and showing up to receive it.  I learned to see these times as our secret dates. Just me and the Lover of my soul.

So, dear friends, I will again harp on the thing that matters….the answer/the key to everything. It’s HIM. God the Father/Son/Spirit.

He loves back. And every day is Valentine’s Day with Him, because the love doesn’t end. It’s bottomless.

Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s still Valentine’s Day weekend. You may have taken care of your other Valentines, but have you had your date with God yet?

Don’t miss it.

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