The Irate Customer

After years involved in home business, I had my first irate customer.  I was shopping at a mall when the long, angry texts started coming in.  I will spare you any further details about that.

But what I will tell you is about a miracle.  I was not upset but for but a few, short moments. I was able to ignore the angry parts and to see some truth in the customer’s words.  I was able to take that truth about myself, and work on it.  I actually appreciated her pointing it out.  I apologized to an entire group of customers  (who knew absolutely nothing about the incident) quite humbly as a result.  And I was excited about the opportunity to talk further with the customer herself. Through it all, I had a strange love for her. I did all these things even though I am weak and in spite of the fact that at my core, I am a mess. I walked through this incident in peace and joy, and I couldn’t believe it myself.

The old me was far, FAR from this miracle.  The old me would have gotten upset right back at this customer, would have been defensive, and would have been emotionally upset for days, weeks, or even longer. The old me would have added this event to several imaginary lists:

  • Poor Me Things.
  • Things I Will Not Forget.
  • Things That Wounded Me.
  • Things to Never Forgive.

I kept these and other lists indefinitely.  Looking back, it makes me sad to think of all the years I spent living like this.

How did I find healing, you ask?

I wish I could explain the miracle, but I can’t. If I could, I’m not sure it would be a miracle, right? But it happened somehow in those quiet moments with Jesus that I harp about.  That’s why I harp about them. 

So today, once again, I will point you to the Answer, the Key to everything:  Jesus Himself, a real person, whom you can know personally.  And that relationship can be beyond description wonderful.  I get chills just thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong;  this process was not easy.  And it did not come cheaply.  Parts of me had to die.  They are still dying.  But giving in to that process, and learning to walk with Him, just for the pleasure of it, is the best thing I ever did. Before that walk, I never knew real joy.  Now, I do.

I want you to know joy, too.

So, dear friend, drop whatever you are doing, and start.  Start anywhere, but start now. Ask Jesus to teach you how to walk with Him, just for the pleasure of it.  And then, just show up.  And keep showing up.

As Mother Teresa once said, “We are not called to be successful.  We are called to be faithful.”

Can you do that?  Can you just show up, be teachable, and keep showing up?  Keep putting that one foot in front of the other, and not give up?

I believe you can.  (Yay, you!)


I spend a lot of time on these knees, at least symbolically, during my uncluttered quiet times.

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4 Responses to The Irate Customer

  1. Matthew Marchbanks says:

    I love this. I love the line about old parts of you having to die, and are still dying. Oswald Chambers says before sanctification can take place, you have to go through “the white funeral.” You must put to death the old life to find the new path God has for you. Im experiencing a lot of this right now, and it’s the most freeing feeling ever.

  2. Precious words, sweet friend. Words I need to take to heart. I fear, at times, that I cling to bits of the old me. Not quite willing to completely let go, and embrace the new me. The wonderful creation that I am in Christ. Not willing to completely trust. Daily struggles, but thankfully, He continues to give grace, and show mercy. Every. Single. Day.

    • Yes! Day by day. Honestly, Amanda, for me, sometimes it’s moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat. But that’s part of what makes the relationship so intimate and so, so good. Not since the literal womb have I depended on someone else heartbeat by heartbeat. What a beautiful thought that I just had as I typed. (Deep, cleansing, lovely sign.) Thank you, God.

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