Scripture Memory Challenge for 2014

For 2014, I chose the Romans scripture memory challenge from Ann Voskamp’s blog. I started today, even though I am behind.  Just jump in, right?

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2013 was the first year in my life that I practiced scripture memory with any consistency or much success.  One thing that surprised me about learning the Sermon on the Mount in 2013 was how helpful it was to learn a chunk of scripture, because I benefited from the context.

Why did I decide to memorize Scripture?

  • I’ve always wanted to.
  • It’s a way of walking with Him.
  • Apart from Him, I can do nothing.  (Seriously.)
  • I want to be a true disciple, not a fake one.
  • I want to exercise my aging brain.

Here are other scripture memory challenges with free printouts from Ann’s blog, if you’d like to browse and choose one (links at bottom of posts):

A word of encouragement:  I do not stress about Scripture memory, or naming my year, or goal setting.  There is no magic in any method or practice that I describe in this blog.  Jesus Himself (a living Person) is the magic, the answer, the power, the key to everything.  I use these things as a way to seek Him, to know Him better, and to walk with Him, just for the pleasure of it.

So, don’t stress!  Just go to Him, any way you choose.  The important thing is the going-to-Him part.

P.S.  My friend Amanda also chose Ann’s Romans challenge for this year. Yay!  I hope to ask her if we can be recitation partners. 

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2 Responses to Scripture Memory Challenge for 2014

  1. Yea!! I would love to be your recitation partner 😀 We found out this morning that our pastor is starting a series on Romans next week! I lie how God works…

    “Paul a servant of Christ Jesus…” 😉

  2. Sigh… I *LOVE* how God works. Not lie. I hate when my phone thinks it is smarter than me.

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