The Uncluttered Quiet Time (Step by Step)

My friend Ray and I studied together regularly in 2013. We met at Starbucks.  We learned about a simple quiet time with Jesus each morning.  I knew to do this,  but still, I tend to get away from it.  Meeting with Ray helped me stay on course.  (Thank you, Ray! ♥)

I am surprised at how much I get out of the simple steps we learned in this discipleship material.  The author walks you through the process below gently, and provides tools to help you.  Our church implemented this program about 2 years ago.

Here are the steps to an uncluttered (simple) quiet time:

  1. Choose a quiet place that you can be alone with God.  (Go there regularly.)
  2. Say a simple prayer.  Ask God to help you understand the scripture you read.
  3. Choose a section of scripture.  Read and think about the words for a few moments.
  4. Write down something that stood out to you.  (Scriptural insight)
  5. Write down a simple prayer about your insight.
  6. Write a something down that tells how you will apply the insight to your life.

Note:  I also counted my gifts and worked on my Power Sheets today.

There is no magic in the above method.  It is just to get you into a good habit. There are other good methods, and sometimes I deviate from this one, or add to it, or simplify it more, or even skip it entirely (at my own peril).

Here are examples of what I got from my time today:

  • Scripture I read:  Philippians 1: 1-11
  • Scriptural Insight I got:  Verse 10 uses the same key words (excellent, pure) that are in my key verse for 2014.
  • Prayer:  God, it amazes me how your Word is consistent.  Thank you for this message for my life.
  • Application:  With God’s help, I will ponder and practice approving what is excellent.

Phillipians 1 10

The discipleship material provides a spiritual journal to write in, which I use, but I also use a plain, kraft paper Moleskine journal at times.

Background and Result:  This morning, I woke up with negative thoughts and feeling like a failure.  I knew I was off track. I thought of when you screw a screw lid on, but it misses the threads and goes on crooked and gets stuck.  That’s how I felt.  I knew the solution, but I didn’t want to do it.  Somehow, I managed to do it anyway:

I sat down for the quiet moments that are my lifeline.  

Afterwards, I felt better.  It is like the lid was straightened.  Yay!

Why am I always amazed?

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