Preparing for 2014 (Join Me?)

In 2011, my friend Rene’ urged me to name my year.  I didn’t want to, and I thought she was crazy, but she urged me anyway, so I did.  (Yay! Thank you, Rene’. ♥)  I am so glad I did.

I named that first year the Year of Simplicity, and I didn’t do much more than that.  Subsequent years have been the Year of Life (2012) and the Year of Ready (2013).  Each year, I’ve done more with this exercise, and each year has been more meaningful and helpful.  The Year of Ready was huge for me. I am working on a name for 2014 as we speak.

You can name your year anything you want.  My daughter-in-love named 2013 the Year of Biscuits.  Here are some of Rene’s year names:  The Year of the Mind, the Year of the Heart, the Year of Application, and the Year of Cleaning Out.

How to name your year:  Just start thinking of a key word for 2014.  It can be something you’re interested in, something that’s been on your mind, something you want to learn more about, something you want to improve.  Pray about it.  Ponder it. Something will come to you. Or, just choose something on the spur of the moment.  (The Year of Ready came to me after about 30 seconds of thought, while I’ve spent a month thinking about the name for 2014. )  Next, start looking for a scripture or a quote that goes with your year name.  And then, start listening and watching to see what you learn.  That’s it!

 The purpose of naming your year is to give you a focus.  Hopefully, you will make progress during the year in this area, learn new things about this topic, and incorporate change and growth that stays and forms a continuum from year to year.

Power Sheets:

I hope to Make Things Happen in 2014.  Simple things, but still, I want to see forward progress.  I chose Power Sheets by Lara Casey to help with this in 2014.  I am loving it!  This is not traditional goal setting.  It connects everything to what matters.  This is important to me.

Here is the front of my Power Sheets binder.  It is a narrow binder, only 1/2 inch:


More Plans for 2014:

  • Continue scripture memory
  • Count the gifts
  • Google hang out with friends once a month to discuss our years

One goal for 2014 is to blog the walk, so if you want to join in, I will give you simple steps to follow.

 Note:  I’m about to take a break to help my son and his family pack and move.  If I get a chance, I will post a pic or something.  But for sure:

Next post:  Year name on New Year’s Day.

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6 Responses to Preparing for 2014 (Join Me?)

  1. Rene' says:

    You described naming your year perfectly! You can’t do it wrong…just do it! Love you, sister!

  2. I am working on my blog post about naming my year as we speak! I am so excited, and so thankful that you challenged me to do this. God is going to do great things. Help hold me accountable my friend! Love you!

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