What I Learned in the Year of Ready (to Invest)

I named 2013 the Year of Ready because:

  • my brother-in-law died suddenly one Christmas
  • our will was outdated (written before my last son’s birth)
  • when I prayed about it, the word ready kept coming to mind

Those are simple reasons, and really, that’s all it takes.

As I began to ponder *ready* last January, I made a list of things I’d like to do, in answer to my pastor‘s call to invest:

  • discipleship ministry
  • tutoring ministry
  • mission work, including traveling halfway around the globe in October (waaaay beyond my comfort zone)

These were ways I could invest myself in the lives of others and be true to my calling as a follower of Jesus.  I did these things, and learned volumes in the process.  (I wish I could say more about the trip, but I can’t.)

Other things accomplished in the Year of Ready:

  • I took actual investing lessons (stock market) from my father, who is wise and good about such things.
  • We redid our will.

There is more, and I will continue another day.  I will close with a screen shot of a page from the study Follow Me, the last study our small group did in 2013.  The page was part of my homework, and it said, “Are you READY?”

I love that God is cool like that.


Join me in naming your year in 2014?

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