And Then Again, Not So Right

It pays to do your homework, and last night, I didn’t.  I went to see Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher (2)

In an early scene, a sniper using a high-powered rifle calmly mows down and kills 5 people outside a baseball stadium, in broad daylight, including a young woman carrying a child as she runs.  If this scene was intended to invoke outrage, it worked.  As images of the Connecticut shootings flashed in my mind, I began to feel guilty for coming at that very moment.

This movie is only rated PG-13, but it is filled with a disturbingly cruel and callous form of violence.  And I call this entertainment?  Should it be?  These are questions I’m pondering today, and questions I’ve pondered before.

May I be painfully honest for a moment?  I didn’t care to research the movie before going because I am lazy, and because I just wanted to escape for a few hours. Those things may sound minor, but I want to do better.

So, will you join me in voting with your dollars and choosing more positive entertainment?  It’s really not much of a sacrifice. Just think of it as a little thing you can do in memory of those who lost their lives in the Connecticut shootings, and elsewhere.

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2 Responses to And Then Again, Not So Right

  1. adam bryant says:

    I agree, with what you say about the entertainment we watch. Alicia and I have tried to practice looking at plugged in before every movie. We will try and do better about what we watch as well this year. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Adam. After the movie, Timothy said, “Mom, maybe we should research the movies a bit before we come.” He was correct, because I didn’t research it at all. He was being more mature in his thinking about that than I was, and at age 15. I’m going to try to remember that lesson myself.

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