Starting the New Year Right

Here are a few things I’m doing during my devotional time this year.  Hey, it’s only been 2 days, but we celebrate the small things.

1.  All to Jesus Daily devotional book by Robert J. Morgan.  A gift from my sweet friend, June.  This focuses on 365 of the 5,675 mentions of the word “all” in scripture.  I have already been amazed, and hugged by my Heavenly Father.  Includes a free download of more than 40 songs, and an ap for use with small groups.


2.  Journibles (Psalm 119):  In this little book, I write out Psalm 119, verse by verse on one side of the page.  There is room on the other side for notes, with occasional questions to start my thought process.  I’m surprised at how it has gone hand-in-hand with All to Jesus.


3.  The Joy Dare:  I’m counting my gifts with Ann Voskamp again in 2013. It helps keep me going in a positive direction.


What are some of the things you are doing in 2013?

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