Holiday Planning: True Confessions

Here is the text of an e-mail I sent out this morning to our immediate family. It involves what food items they are to bring to my parents’ Christmas celebration. 


THANK YOU all for a wonderful Thanksgiving. ♥

Not much time, but here is what I can tell you about the Cox Chrismtas menu. The 5 Cox siblings met at Nonnie & MeMa’s this past week to put up her Christmas decorations. We hurriedly sat down at the bar before leaving and scratched out a quasi-menu, which consisted of everyone just yelling at Kelly, “I’ll bring…” and her scribbling fast. Then, we glanced, er, I mean looked at the list to see what holes we had, and we tried to fill those in. A great system, right? I love our family.

Menu: Finger Foods (No full meal. We have 60 peeps now!)

All I wrote down on my list were our assignments, and here they are. *Starred/bold items are definites. Others are optional, and if you want to/ have time. This can be as simple as some bags of chips, or maybe help me with one of my things, or at the other end, your grandma’s special recipe or cruise Pinterest and get ambitious, I dunno. We just need to be sure we have enough food. You don’t have to make massive batches, necessarily, but we will need everyone to bring a few things.

If you got an odd assignment, read the menu-making process above again to understand how that happened. Next year, be sure you tell me at Thanksgiving what you want me to yell for you during the yelling session on decorating night, which usually falls in this last week of November. I kind of remembered a few things in the melee’ (see definition 2 below), and Jessica/Casey, that’s how you got your assignments, ha.

Stephanie: *2 pies/*7 layer dip & chips/*big batch of homemade ranch/batch chicken jambalaya
Becca: *Veggie tray and something appetizery
Jessica: *Cookies and one other thing
Lauren: *Appetizer and one other thing
Casey: *Individual bundts and one other thing
Lacy: *Mini croissant sandwiches and one other thing

(As far as other things gonna be there, I heard things yelled like chocolate cake, banana pudding, Hawaiian roll sandwiches, meatballs in the crock pot, and not sure what all else, but I will try to find out.)

1.  A confused fight, skirmish, or scuffle.
2.  A confused mass of people.


(The view from the back of the room at Cox Christmas 2011.  We were watching a video the kids made for Nonnie & MeMa.)

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