Gluten-free, Sugar-free and FRUGAL at the State Fair of Texas

In just a little over a week, Big Tex will wave goodbye to the State Fair of Texas for 2012.  How about some money-saving tips for a last-minute dash to the Fair?  Or some tips on eating gluten or sugar-free at the Fair?  If any of this is for you, read on…

There is plenty of information out there about the wonderful State Fair of Texas food.  But what if you have special dietary needs or wants?

I went gluten-free on October 1, 2012.  Why?  Because of some stout knee pain that was cramping my Zumba style, and on the advice of some good friends.  (Thank you, Cody & Amanda!)

I went sugar-free on  April 26, 2011.  Except for a rather infamous crème brûlée on vacation that summer, I have not consumed any processed sugar since that date.  Why?  Because after denying it for years, I finally realized that sugar was my master, not the other way around.

Those are both (of course) short answers.

After a trip to the Fair last Thursday, I have these few eating tips for you gluten and sugar-free peeps.  I plan to go back to the Fair on next Thursday, and I will update and add food photos then, but you will only have a few days left at that point.  You can locate any vendors I mention at the food link above.

Gluten-free food choices:

  • roasted corn
  • turkey leg
  • gorditas from Lerma’s
  • corn in a cup from Lerma’s
  • anything potatoes
  • sausage and kraut from Mueller’s
  • red beans & rice from A Taste of New Orleans
  • grilled gator from A Taste of New Orleans
  • salads (I’m going to try the Greek salad from Thanasi’s next Thursday)
  • sausage on a stick

Sugar-free food choices:

  • Fruit cup from Lerma’s
  • Most of the above are sugar-free choices, too

I’m sure there are more.  Post your finds in the comments?

Money-saving tips:

  • The fair allows you to bring in a cooler with drinks only.  Last Thursday, our friends brought a rolling cooler filled with bottled water, sodas, and juice for the little ones.
  • Chinese lantern exhibit:  Enter the exhibit a little before 6:00 p.m., when the cost is still 10 tickets ($5.00).  After 6:00, the cost goes up to 28 tickets ($14.00).  They allow you to bring in food and drink, so I bought some beans and rice, and sipped the bottled water I brought in to the Fair as I strolled.  You can throw out a blanket around the lagoon to eat and rest your legs, if you’d like.  At 7:00 the lights go on.  You can now enjoy the entire exhibit with lights, sound and motion for the cheaper price.
  • Discounts information for entrance tickets can be found HERE.
  • Super-frugal food tip:  You can always keep coolers of food in the car and go back to eat.  We did this in the old days.

Add your money-saving ideas in the comments!

Well, there you have it.  I am no expert, but hopefully, something I posted will help you.  A few shots of the Chinese lantern exhibit (all it up) before I go.

And P.S.  (This one is for you, Feleceia. )

This dragon (above) was made with little bottles filled with colored water, wired together.


The peach orchard.  Lovely, and perhaps my favorite thing.

(Look carefully above behind the pagoda.  You can see the huge, porcelain dragon, glowing blue.)

There is more to this exhibit:  trees dripping light, moving dinosaurs, Little Mermaid lagoon, the Statue of Liberty, a herd of longhorn cattle, and a lighted exit walkway.

Have fun at the Fair!

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    I loved it, Thanks!

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  2. I loved this! Thank you so much for posting about the gluten free options. I’ve been begging Cody to go to the fair, and maybe this will help sway him.

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