How to Write a Love Letter

Okay, my blog lies neglected this winter.  Life has me by the heels, and I’ve been praying about how (or if) to carve out a chunk of time for my personal blog.  But on to the love letter.

The love letter that inspired this post can be read here.  It was a writing assignment from Ann Voskamp’s blog, for a Walk With Him Wednesday.   And for my HOPE for Women post for February, I talked further on this topic here.

As a favor, I ask that you stop by HOPE and read and leave your thoughts? God bless you, my friend.

As to my personal blog, I will be back at some point.  I write here to stay in practice, even if only God reads.  After all, He wrote the original love letter, didn’t He?

Today, I’m working on paperwork in my cozy computer nook, on the upstairs landing with the golden, yellow walls, in the wonderful, creaky-old house, enjoying a cup of Chai tea and a blanket of rare snow outside the windows.

And thankful for it all…

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