When Something is Broken

Sometimes I stumble headlong into something broken, and it gets me down:  a broken world, broken Christianity, broken people, broken me. It’s ugly.

When you’ve got something broken, all you can do is make it as right as you can.

At times, I’ve stared at a floor that holds a seemingly endless spray of broken shards.  And I’ve learned to start at my feet, and pick up the pieces and start gluing.  It may never be perfect, but it can be as whole and as beautiful as my hands can make it.

It feels like a battle, dodging bullets and doggedly picking up pieces, ducking elbow punches to obstinately pass out grace.  (I will need that back some day.) My stubborn search through the rubble leaves me gasping and shaking to hold the piece steady as I squeeze the glue.  It’s a hard go, and the weariness is palpable, but we’ve become soft, and we are soldiers, dear Christians, in need of practice.

Maybe I’m hanging curtains in a dungeon, but every place needs its Pollyanna.

After all, am I not a child of mercy?  Have I not been given much, dragged from something sucking and deep and muddy? Then, I have much to give.

And we (humanity) have much to pick up, and much to do.  Join me, and let’s make sure we’re working in the right direction.

11 He has made everything beautiful in its time.

(Ecclesiastes 3:11a, NIV)

Linking up with Emily for the first time today:

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7 Responses to When Something is Broken

  1. misty says:

    stephanie, it’s LOVELY to hear your voice here. and such truth… so beautiful. this is kind of breathtaking and i want to ponder the words deep. my hands are cut a bit, too, no? and i love the grace that we hope to recieve again someday, b/cs we’ll need it for sure.
    so glad to read you today, friend.

  2. brian says:

    hang those curtains…the captives need the beauty of hope…smiles.

  3. wow. exquisite writing. i love how you wove the image of broken shards being glued back together throughout the piece… i love how you challenged us at the end… and it seemed all so effortless. thank you for linking, dear stephanie, and i hope to see you next week. you bless me.

  4. Loni says:

    Ohhh, He sure does make things beautiful in His time! Thank you for sharing! It’s my first time joining in Imperfect Prose today as well.

  5. Grace VB says:

    oh i like this piece, especially the obstinant handing out of grace.

  6. A lovely piece with good use of broken images – suggesting without saying, that we are after all, human beings, made of many pieces, held together only by the glue of love.

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