When You are my How

“Precious Lord, this is hard.  And it hurts.  How can I fix this? And yet, even as I breathe the words, I know…

You are my How.”

Today, I’m thankful for life.  I’m thankful for breathing in and out.  I’m thankful for the gift of one more sunrise, of one more celebration.  And I’m adding these things to my Gratitude List, and linking up with Ann at Holy Experience.  Won’t you join me?

(#s 1275 – 1289)

  • Life
  • Another day
  • Deciding to
  • Looking back, however painful, and finding something new to work on
  • Conversations with Connie
  • Dazzling weather for the Fair
  • A Fletcher’s corny dog, slathered with mustard
  • The whispers of the grandchildren
  • Dashing down the Midway like a child
  • Timothy’s laughter
  • Skimming Beth’s book
  • Saying no to insecurity
  • That Barry came
  • A $5.00 reading light

holy experience

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