Looking Up

It’s hard (here) living and grasping in the finite, to comprehend the infinite.

Ambling pleasantly through a quiet, historical cemetery on a glorious fall day, I’m pondering.

But for all of this to BE…

…there has to be an infinite.

And looking down:

Looking up:

I see.

5Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

(Psalm 147:5, KJV)

holy experience

Note:  I’m also blogging over here today!  I’d be honored if you stop by Hope for Women’s blog and read.

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2 Responses to Looking Up

  1. misty says:

    stephanie, i love this-today. i was in a dark place yesterday and wasn’t feeling so very aware of his beauty or infinite grace. ahhh, he must smile and frown at the same time at our futile temper tantrums!! 🙂
    thank you for the reminder… and for helping me open my eyes again.

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