Carol’s Bread

Well, I don’t have much, but I have bread, thanks to my friend Carol.

When you don’t have much, you can still give from what you have.  And you can start at your back door.  That’s all I knew to do.

I don’t have a photo of Carol, but the photo above IS a photo of her, in a sense.  She brings me the bread, every Thursday.

You see, Carol had a stroke that left her with physical challenges, but that doesn’t stop her.  She volunteers her time every day at a senior citizen activity center in our little town, helping (always helping).  She and her side-kick Curtis show up at my door on Thursdays to bring me a box of leftover bread.  They don’t have much to give, either, but they just keep on giving anyway, lighting their little corner of the world.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Carol knows I have a large family.  The activity center has so much bread donated by our local grocer that they give and give and still have bread left.  So (thinking of me) and not wanting to see the bread go to waste, she brings the leftovers, still soft and yummy.  And how could she have known that God tugs at my heart for my neighborhood?

She couldn’t have known, but God did.  Thank You, God.

The bread is multiplied, like the long-ago loaves, it seems.  We use some, but we share most of it with our neighbors.  My son helps.  It feels right.

Maybe you don’t have much, either, but can you speak?  Maybe you can share a kind word.  Can you write?  Maybe you can jot a note of encouragement.  Can you think?  Maybe you can be a silent prayer warrior.  You can give from what you have, however small.  It ends up changing you.

I should know.  The question today was, “How do you help the Least of These?” I don’t.  The Least of These help me.

holy experience

From one of the “least of these” herself, from the would-be journalist who was going to hack through jungles changing the world with her pen, who now taps away from a nook in her upper landing just for fun…and learns to smile.

Lighting little candles with you.

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4 Responses to Carol’s Bread

  1. ginny says:

    excellent post. we all need to be ‘Jesus with skin on’ whenever we can. thanks for encouraging me to be listening, always listening to the Holy Spirit and His prompting. may we all be bold enough to show up on someone’s doorstep and serve.

    blessings in your day!

  2. misty says:

    stephanie, you have no idea. you’ve given me bread today, friend. i’m beginning to be humbled by today, the words, the morsels he’s giving me today, and i feel life humming low and deep inside me, daring to be let out. oh, man. it feels so right.

  3. This is great….just looking for opportunities to bless others really is the gospel.

    Oh. Stephanie…too funny about your comment on liking my “paint the barn” post…which is named “Is She Real?”, because the follow up post on that will be “I am painting my barn!” You jumped ahead of me….of course you don’t need any of the paint I have to use

    Hugs to the whole Marchbanks family,

  4. Shauna says:

    very beautiful post. the least of these have much to teach. may we all have ears and hearts to receive from such amazing examples of Christ.

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