If We Don’t Lose Heart

It takes someone committed to make a thing work.  And it takes someone committed to something beyond themselves to make it beautiful.

After a break, I’m back to my walks under the Crepe Myrtles.  I passed a little business today that was once busy and surrounded with eye-catching gardens.  There is now a realtor sign out front, the store window says “closed”, and the gardens are overgrown and blown with trash.  I don’t know why the business shut down, but I know what it would take to keep it open. It would take someone willing to commit and work desperately hard.  And the gardens would need someone with a love of beauty who has a servant’s heart.  I’ve always wanted to own a quaint, little business, but I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes.

This idea of commitment and a servant’s heart applies to other things in life, doesn’t it?

I passed other houses on my walk today.  The owners of this house with the classic iron fence stuck to it through thick and thin, including the wife’s devastating Alzheimer’s disease and slow death.  The house has been sold, and another person enjoys it now.  The husband sleeps well at night and is loved and respected.  Ah, the ministry of marriage.

The owners of this house are raising the historical carriage house behind it to restore to its former beauty.  It was an eyesore in the beginning (it almost fell in during the raising), and the challenges must seem insurmountable at times, but they are determined to see it through.  Others in our town who appreciate the heritage of architecture are cheering them on, and are proud of them.

Life is like this, isn’t it? It is filled with sadness and hardship at times, but anything worth doing will take sticking to it and living beyond yourselfAnd we can do this thing, I promise.

I’m thankful today that sometimes the hard is what makes it great.  And I’m thankful for this encouragement:

Let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Galatians 6:9, NKJV

So, since we’re all in this thing called life together, let’s lock arms make our little corner of the world as good and as beautiful as we can.  Let’s pray for what we lack and lay ourselves down, even if it’s for a seemingly miniscule thing.

What are you committed to?  I’m pondering this question for myself today.

Because a thankful heart is a happy heart, I’m still counting:

(#s 767 – 774 on the 1000 Gift List)

*The simple things

*A yellow coon dog that nobody wanted

*Crepe Myrtles in July

*Dancing under the oaks to Louis Armstrong

*Spray paint that transforms rusty patio chairs

*A man willing to tackle the job

*PePa and MeMa’s house full of life again

*Ice cream wars that make me smile

holy experience

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7 Responses to If We Don’t Lose Heart

  1. jeana says:

    Oh you are right, life is like that. Definately worth sticking to it and living beyond yourself. Thank you for your words today!

  2. misty says:

    can i reach thru this screen and hug your neck? you inspire me and make me happy-teary. i am thankful for hot july crepe myrtle happiness, too, but more than that.. for beauty making and beauty appreciation, and long walks knowing history and that we’re loved. the servant heart and the hard work to clean our muddy souls and life that breathes grace into us. this is the day he has made..let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

  3. oh, this post is true. it rings true. and beauty. i love it, and it challenges me. i am committed to making beauty through my son and my husband, and my journalism and my books and my painting. thank you, friend, for stopping by my place today. i’m so glad to have met you.

  4. Myrtle says:

    Thank you so much for your words. I feel convicted today on this topic. I am committed to a marriage that is much like your wrought iron fence in the picture. It might be old and worn a little, but it is still standing. Thank you for the beautiful imagery.

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