People Stories: Meet Sherrie

I love people and their stories, so here’s one. 

This is Sherrie. 

Sherrie lives in my neighborhood.  I stopped by one day and asked her if I could snap her picture, and ask her just three little questions.  I’m awfully glad she agreed.

1.  What are you thankful for? 

“I wake up every day and thank God I’m still breathing.”

2.  What are your challenges?

“I had a stroke in 2006, and I can’t walk.  My hands are numb…everything’s numb.”

3.  What are your dreams?

“To move around like everyone else.  To walk down the street and back.  Sometimes I get depressed.  I just try to keep it together.”

Sherrie talked a minute more, telling me how she couldn’t care for the gaggle of kittens that scampered around our feet like she used to, and she talked about how she used to enjoy working outside with plants. But of course, that’s hard now, too. Then, as we watched the kittens slurping milk out of the leftovers of a bowl of Lucky Charms, Sherrie apologized for asking, but she wondered if she could borrow five dollars.  You see, she’s on SSI, and things are hard. 

I told her not to worry about paying me back, because I thought her story was worth double-that.

If you know of someone interesting who wouldn’t mind being featured here in the same format, let me know.  I’ll need their mug shot and I’ll want them to answer the Three Little Questions.

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5 Responses to People Stories: Meet Sherrie

  1. I LOVE people stories. Thank you, and thank Sherrie.

  2. Sami says:

    What about your tamale lady? Or did she move?

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